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Download Blender (32/64-bit) Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (Offline)

An open-source 3D creation and video editing software.

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Free download Blender offline installer for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32-bit/64-bit). Free full version for PC. (Latest version 2022).

Latest Version Overview

Blender is an open-source 3D creation application for editing images and animation. It allows you to create 3D animation, modelling rigging, simulation, compositing, rendering, video editing, motion tracking as well as interactive creation and playback.

This application has proven to be a very easy toolbar, a rapid design tool, and versatile.

Open Source Software

Blender is a free 3d creation suite that has so many features that allow modelling animation. Even it also supports video editing. It is a completely free open-source software that you can get yourself.

TV Commercial Maker

Blender video editor offers features that are unique to the world of three dimensions. This application is used to make TV commercials, make technical visualization and perform morphing and business graphics. With it, you can make the user interface.

Blender Video Editor

This is the best way to edit video that you can use it. However, you will be very happy and have a lot of fun using it.

You open programs like Adobe Premiere Element or any other video editing software. Then it has a separate user experience for video editing.


Chakras are Blender’s built-in powerful neutral path-tracer engine that provides stunning ultra-realistic rendering. It’s an extensive array of modelling tools that wind up, modify, and edit your models.

Object Tracking

This includes production-ready cameras and object tracking. Allows to you import raw footage, track the footage, track mask areas, and view camera movements directly in your 3D view.

Animated Film Maker

Because of great craftsmanship and liveliness instruments, video editing software is currently being utilized for various short movies, advertisements, TV arrangements, and professional animated films.

3d Viewport Blender

Drawing directly on a 3D viewport makes a lot of sense. This opens up the freedom of a successful workflow for storyboarders and 2D artists.

Python Controlled Interface

It has a flexible Python-controlled interface. Layouts, colours, sizes, and even fonts can be adjusted. Use hundreds of community add-ons or create your own using its accessible Python API.

Fast Video Rendering

These applications are very flexible and fast renderers. All basic principles of animation are applied very well. Blender has a forum and a community.

Its main purpose is animation and 3d modelling. It says a 3d creation suite. Basically, this makes video editing some sorting features. This can be making intros or outros that 2d animation.

Create High-Quality 3D Project

But there are other people with more advanced skills that are using this software in order to make high-quality projects. It’s a complete software that using you can make a video.

However, this software is more concerned about the aspects of video editing. It has important to update with every feature that they release making sure.

Dedicated Video Editor

Now blender is not a dedicated video editing program. So this makes a video instead of using a dedicated video editor. It is an all-in-one package.

It has a dedicated video editor that ensures you have every single feature needed in order to make a video.

Even you are able to build out your project with the best features available. On the other hand, It has a really nice outline. But it’s not a traditional video editing outline like expected to see.

Rendering Video Project

It’s not as traditional as most video editors. When you’re using the animation or monitoring section compare the different rendering processes that take for each animation and video editing as a whole.

Color Grading System

This is an all-in-one package and so many features in one software program that’s great. Even colour grading and exporting that in a video program had.

Because it has everything you need in one simple package adding too many things to the software program. Now it has done a really good job of keeping everything optimized.

Fast Animation Maker

In the adobe ecosystem, there are not a lot of programs out there. But this software feature is complete with all the programs in it. Between it compares two software’s video editing capabilities with the modelling animation capabilities.

Key Features and Highlights

  • Include 3D modelling
  • UV unwrapping
  • Texturing
  • Raster graphics editing
  • Rigging and skinning
  • Fluid and smoke simulation
  • Particle simulation
  • Soft body simulation
  • Sculpting
  • Animating
  • Match moving
  • Rendering
  • Motion graphics
  • Video editing
  • Compositing

Blender Video Editor 32-bit/ 64-bit  System Requirement

Minimum Hardware Requirement

  • Processor: 64-bit dual-core 2 GHz CPU with support SSE2
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 2596.9 MB free space.
  • Display: 1280×768 screen resolution
  • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics with 512 MB RAM

Supported Operating System

  • Windows Support: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Windows OS support: 32-bit and 64-bit or x86 and x64

More Technical Details

Publisher:Blender Foundation
Main Category:Design, Video Editing Software
32-bit Setup File:blender-2.80-windows32.msi – 68.10 MB
64-bit Setup File:blender-3.1.1-windows-x64.msi – 205.25 MB


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