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Final Cut Pro Free Download For macOS / Apple (2022)

Non-linear video editing software for  Mac.

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Apple Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro 2022 is a professional video-editing program with advanced features to realize custom videos and slideshows, such as effects, transitions, pieces of text, and corrections on videos, photos, and audio. This can be considered an upgraded version of the freeware Apple movie.

The main workspace of Final Cut Pro is made by a Video Preview and several panels you close and open by using their buttons in the top right corner.

On the left side, you have the Browser, where you can import and check your media files, on the right side you have the Inspector, with properties and options to adjust your video content, at the bottom you have the Timeline, which is the place where you add and edit your files to realize your final video.

Final Cut Pro 2022 Tutorial

To start working on a video project you have to import all the source files. You need inside the Browser panel, such as audio files, videos, pictures, and photos. All these files are grouped inside collections called Events, usually representing every single project you make inside Final Cut Pro for PC.

You can create a new collection by right-clicking on an empty space and going to New Event. At this point, you can import files by dragging and dropping these inside the Event directly from Finder.

Use the Import Media button on the right or at the top to browse for your source files. On the new page choose where to look for your files on the left and browse them at the bottom, checking the preview above.

Powerful Media Organisation

On the right, you can adjust several import options, including the destination event. Once you go to Import at the bottom, the selected files are added with their thumbnails inside the Event chosen and under Smart Collections, according to their kind.

You can also hover over each thumbnail to playback the file and check its content on the Video Preview. To remove any Event, just right-click on it and go to Move Event to Trash. This also removes all the files contained inside it.

With the source files ready, create your new project by either using the New Project button on the Timeline or go to File, New, and then to Project… Fix the Project Name, the Event to use, and other options inside Custom Settings, such as video format, resolution, frame rate, and audio options.

Once you go to OK, the new empty project opens on the Timeline and also gets listed under Projects inside Smart Collections, with all the other projects you made inside Final Cut Pro 2022.

You can switch to another project by double-clicking on it or using the arrows above the Timeline. With the project open on the Timeline, drag and drop your source files inside it to start working.

In addition, you can also add extra content from other sections of the Browser, such as tracks from iTunes, Garage Band, and the Sound Effect list; and also text templates and visual samples ready to use.

Mix audio and video

You can playback the audio clip quickly by hovering its waveform on Audio Configuration. When selecting video clips you get both the Video and the Audio Inspector with the visual and audio options just seen.

You can use the Effects Browser on the right to add amazing visual and audio effects to the clip selected on the Timeline. Browse inside the list and hover over any effect to check it out on the Preview.

Then, just drag and drop the effect on the clip to apply it. The effect will be added inside the Effects section on the Video or the Audio Inspector, where you can enable/disable these and adjust their properties.

To remove all effects from a selected clip, go to Edit and then to remove Effects. Inside Final Cut Pro latest version you can also add amazing transitions to introduce or end clips in a great way. Audio transitions affect the clip volume in time and can be applied by moving the lateral nodes on the audio waveform. Whereas visual transitions change the clip appears in time. When you select a clip and use CMD+T you will add fade transitions to both the sides of the clip, represented as independent grey blocks that change the clip opacity in time.

Add Transitions Final Cut Pro

You can use the Transition Browser to apply visual transitions with special effects. You can drag and drop these on clips or on existing transitions present.

To adjust the transition properties just select it and use the Transition Inspector while checking the Video Preview. To remove the transition, just select its block and cut it.

You can also add pieces of text inside your project by using the Titles section of the Browser. Hover over any text template to check it on the Preview and drag and drop it on the Timeline to add it.

Title clips are shown as violet blocks that can be moved and modified just like other clips.

These contain a piece of text over a transparent background that shows the project content that is placed behind the clip text. If a text does not overlap the clips the background will remain in black colour.

You can use the Inspector panel to adjust the text font, style, size, color, and effects; the text distribution, alignment, and spacing; and the basic video and color properties as seen for visual clips.

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Publish Your Video on Youtube, Facebook

To type inside, just double-click on the text clip and use the arrows on the Preview to edit the following or the previous piece of text.  Now, let’s see how to render and create your final video!

To export your video just click on the Share button in the top right corner. Here you can choose to upload your video on social websites such as Facebook, YouTube, or send your video onto a DVD Disc.

Use the Master File to render your video with custom options. Type information and metadata under Info and switch to the Settings page to fix the video format and resolution. For example, choose Computer to use the standard .mp4 format or Audio only to render just the audio part of the project.

By default, the Timeline content is rendered from the beginning till the end. You can render just a part of it by enabling the Range Selection Tool and selecting the time range interested.

Final Cut Pro 2022 Full Version For PC

In conclusion, This video editing program is now available completely free version trial edition for use in any persona or professional user that installing on any PC. But if you want to get Final Cut Pro X full version for your PC. Please direct contact with the required publisher. In FileOur you will get an offline installer direct official download link. You can use it on your Mac operating system.

So if you feel comfortable using this software, download it now.

Easy install on your computer.

Technical Details

Publisher: Apple Inc
Main Category:Multimedia, Video Editing Software
Operating Systems:Mac OS 10.14.6 or later

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