LastPass Free Password Manager 2021 Download for PC

  • Download LastPass Password Manager free for PC such as Windows 32-bit and 64-bit OS.  A free and easy to use password manager helps you to store and save your passwords in a large and secure vault. Here FileOur offers its full latest version Lastpass 2021 free download from their official site.

    LastPass Free Password Manager Review

    LastPass logo, icon, downloadLastPass is a free secure password manager. It offers unlimited password storage and multi-device sync for free. With it, you can share passwords with multiple users instead of just one and you get priority support as well.

    Secure Vault

    In the app, you can add a range of information to your vault including bank account information, Wi-Fi passwords, software licenses etc. When getting set up, LastPass supports import from multiple other password managers, as well as browsers.

    Master Password Generator

    LastPass uses a zero-knowledge security model. Your vault contents are secured with AES-256 encryption, which is locked behind your master password. Actually, LastPass never sees or stores your master password.

    LastPass Browser Extension

    It enables you to access your logins no matter what device you are on. Even, if the LastPass browser extension isn’t installed in your PC. In addition, The web vault is fully featured with a security challenge and plenty of sharing options.

    You can view all fillable items for the web page you’re on at a glance, as well as browse your vault items. Autofill works wonderfully based on your testing, no matter if you’re on desktop or mobile.

    So, If you’re looking for a free password management tool, it’s hard to recommend anything else than LastPass. There’s a paid plan for three dollars per month, but it only adds a handful of additional features.

    LastPass Free Password Manager Full Features

    • Two-Factor authentication
    • Easy to use
    • Make different password
    • Fix poor passwords
    • Autofill password
    • Can be used any device
    • Digital recording
    • Sharing passwords
    • Auditing password

  • System Requirements of LastPass Free Password Manager Full Setup

    Minimum Hardware Requirement

    • Processor: Intel® AMD Dual-core processor
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Web Browser: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge (Legacy), Safari
    • Hard Disk: 200 MB free space

    Supported Operating system

    • Supports Windows:  Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or above
    • Supports OS: 64-bit/ 32-bit and x86 / x64

    More Technical Details

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  • LastPass Free Password Manager for Windows

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