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An open-source instant network scanner.

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  • Latest Version: 3.9.1
  • License: Free
  • Final Released: 31/05/2023
  • Publisher: Angry IP Scanner
  • Setup File: ipscan-3.9.1-setup.exe
  • File Size: 17.56 MB
  • Category: IP Tools
  • Uploaded: GitHub

Open-Source Network Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is a free and very fast IP scanner for Windows. The application can scan IPs in basically any range.  Compared to other IP scanners, It has a very small binary size.

Network security is a very important issue. Especially in companies which use computer networks on a daily basis. Especially in companies which use computer networks on a daily basis. In this case, administrators need a tool that is most useful. Which enables them to check who is connected and on which computer they are working. One of the most popular tools for this is Angry IP Scanner, also known as IPScan.

Angry IP Scanner main interface screenshot


Port Scanner

IP Scanner can be used to scan all IP addresses in any range and their ports. This is widely done by curious users worldwide. Large and small users including banks, government agencies and network management are big fans of it. The solution used works quickly in this program. It determines the existence of a given IP. The program can also gather some computer-related data such as MAC address, port scanning and more.

Provides NetBIOS Data

The program also allows us to gather NetBIOS data such as computer name and working group, its logged-in user, etc. Its functions can be further developed by means of appropriate plug-ins.

Angry IP Scanner statistics screenshot

Ping IP

This program offers the scan of IP numbers in a given network at a given range. The way it functions is very simple. It pings the selected IP numbers and waits for the reply.

Save Scanning Results

Collect the currently used IP range, detect network servers, etc. Of course, the scanning results may be exported to some external file. These files can be in CSV, Txt, XML or IP-Port list format.

Angry IP Scanner trace rout screenshot

No Installation Required

The program’s interface is very comfortable to use. Its great advantage is its portability because doesn’t need installation. As soon as it’s downloaded, it’s ready to use. It is also very efficient as regards development because of the appropriate plug-ins. So easy to get any computer-related data from the network.

Simple Interface

IP scanner has a very simple user interface. This software controls and visible options are set by default to target hostname defaults. It’s supported alive, TTL, HTTP sender, hostname etc easily.

Free Download

This is completely free software. So you can use this software for free. You do not have to spend any money on it. I strongly recommend you use it without any hesitation.

To sum up, it is a powerful and extremely useful tool for network administrators. So if you want to scan any local network instantly, you have to open the program.

Sometimes it requires a separate installation of 64-bit OpenJDK/Java 11+ latest version.

Angry IP Scanner 32-bit/ 64-bit System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Support Operating Systems

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