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Solid and portable video editing software.

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  • Latest Version: 2023
  • License: Trial
  • Publisher: MAGIX
  • Setup File: magixmovieeditpro.exe
  • File Size: 6.10 MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • System Type: 64-bit
  • Category: Video Editing Software
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About Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie Edit Pro is a solid and portable video editing software. It has some very nice features like the OpenFX plugin, video screen capture, video stabilizer, 3D editing, effects, editing 4k or 8k video, 360-degree editing, and much more.

This program comes for any personal, professional, and social video editor for any Windows operating system. Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium is the highest version which is currently available in the 2024 version.

Key Features

It comes in three different flavours. So you have the premium version which is on sale right now.
This product is very powerful.

It’s very sleek, easy, and clean to use as well. So you’re not going to be spending a lot of time trying to actually learn this program because it is pretty pick-up and play.

Easy But Powerful Editing

It is quite an easy one to actually learn and understand. It’s very responsive and also more powerful. You’ll be able to use your own music.

Titles and Transitions

You’ll have the choice of using over 650 different titles and transitions as well. Here also get a whole host of other things like colour correction and image stabilization.

8K Editing

You can actually render videos out in 8k as well which is mad for how much money. Magix actually allows you to edit and render videos in 8k resolution.

It’s an awesome product for not only gameplay stuff and video gaming stuff that kind of stuff.

You can also use it for mobile footage. Just use it for normal camera footage or still footage as well.

1500+ Video Effects

In the Premium edition, you will have over 1500 video effects and elements. There are loads of different effects like speed and distortions that you can play around with and really great for your video to look as good as you can.

Optimize Video

Magix can be used on any of your hardware. It has been optimized so it works well with older hardware as well. If you are running a lot of older PC don’t worry too much because all of the optimization stuff has been done.

Draw Animations

They give you a separate kind of side program which allows you to put a map up and that will draw animations over that map for you like.

Colour Grading

It has some very nice colour grading options and then an extra colour grading plugin. Unfortunately, there is no support you have a very nice look match option.

This HDR camera option is very suitable for any user.

Its ColorFast plugin comes with very nice presets for your video files.

Audio Editor

Magix also builds very good sound and audio editing applications. In it, you get an audio recording with very good sound effects and mastering tools.

Free 30-day Trial Versions

You can actually have a free trial of the product. Just get a really good feeling for the program before you go spending any money on it.

The premium products you have to pay for in some. They will be offering you a lot more support and a lot of features as well.

So you have things like Adobe Premiere Pro which is available on subscription-based service. Premiere Pro is very expensive but Magix Movie Edit Pro is really the minimum price.

Recommended System Requirement


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