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Free system optimization, repair and cleaning tool.

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Size: 72.44 MB
  • Latest Version: v6.26.11169
  • License: Freeware
  • Final Released: 17/07/2024
  • Publisher: Piriform Ltd
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10,  Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • System Type: 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Setup File: ccsetup625.exe
  • Language: 60 languages included English, Arabic, Bengali, Greek, Dutch, Español, Italian, Latin, Hindi etc.
  • Category: Cleaner
  • Uploaded: Publisher

About CCleaner

CCleaner is the most popular cleaning tool for Windows. Is your computer running very slow or sometimes get a hang-up problem? It monitors the hang-up issues and slow-motion junk files. Finally, remove them and get back the super speed of your system.

This new version has support for new icons, interface improvements, and all kinds of software. Includes AVG Antivirus, BitTorrent, Audacity etc.

It’s the best free Windows cleaner that will scan from very deep. It will take care of old prefetch data, Windows Error Reporting logs/ files and memory dumps from different applications. What this application does is that it deletes all the unnecessary files from your system.

But that’s not all. CCleaner also has options for removing all traces of your favourite web browser. This way, the program will erase all recent activity, from the history to selected cookies. You can even clean the Internet Cache and everything on demand.

To get your Windows startup faster, it will also repair your Windows slow-motion startup program. The cleaner protects your sensitive information by helping you to run your computer very efficiently.

Disk Clean Up plays a very effective role in speeding up your PC and reducing trouble. Here FileOur software offers the complete free latest version official download link for try to use on your personal computer. There are thousands of software available on the Internet for disk cleaning. But CCleaner is ahead of everyone else.

Its free version is fully free for home use only. But it has all the limitations of the tools. So to get the full benefit of this, you have to purchase a Professional edition.

The install file of this software application has only 58.14 MB. Because of this, the installation does not take a long amount of time. Do you want to boost the performance of your system in a very easy and fast manner? You should definitely try this application.


Using CCleaner is simple. You can enjoy its maximum features for free. When you open it up you will see 8 icons on the left panel. They include…

  1. Health Check
  2. Custom Clean
  3. Performance Optimizer
  4. Driver Updater
  5. Registry
  6. Tools
  7. Options
  8. Upgrade

Health Checker

The function analyses your device’s issues and recommended fixes. Press ” Scan PC” and wait a few moments. Here You will get all the information about your browser privacy, disk space, device speed and security.

Custom Cleaner

CCleaner’s main feature is to view and remove any of the unnecessary files you no longer need on your computer. To do this it analyzes all your folders and displays the results in an easy-to-read list. This can help remove any unnecessary system files that often contain non-useful files. This is very important for those of you with a limited amount of hard drive space.

When you click the second icon “Custom Clean” this will bring you to the cleaner screen. For most users, the default list of items to be cleaned can remain the same. Next, you will see an “Analyze” button and a “Run cleaner” button on the bottom. Press “Analyze” and within a few moments, a list will display of old and unnecessary files. Then press “Run Cleaner”. That’s it! You have safely and thoroughly cleaned your computer.

Performance Optimizer (NEW)

This tool detects any slowing down programs lurking in your PC. You can accomplish this by following a few steps. Finally, you can put these programs to sleep. You can uninstall it if you want. This will greatly increase the performance of your PC.

Driver Updater

CCleaner has already added the Driver Updater tool to their new version. Driver Updater identifies more than 5 million drivers. It quickly and easily updates any kind of useless or old driver. Just scan and see your driver software in one place.

Finally, update all the drivers with one click on “Update All”. If want a driver updater or downloader you can try DriverPack Solution or Driver Genius.

Registry Cleaner

There is a Registry Cleaner option available. There is almost no exception about leftover registry entries, that slow down your system. It will optimize everything by deleting unnecessary entries, scanning for missing shared DLLs, unused file extensions, ActiveX and Class issues, help files, sound events, font errors, application paths, Obsolete Software, etc.

When you click the four icon “Registry” this will bring you to the registry cleaner screen. Again, for most users, the default list of items to clean can remain the same. Click the “Scan for Issues” button on the bottom. Within a few moments, a list will display of old and unnecessary registry items. If you notice something on the list that you do not want to remove uncheck it. Then press “Review selected issues…” and you will see a popup Windows.

Here advised that you need a backup of your registry keys before making a change. If want backup press “Yes” but if not press “No”.

Now press “Fix All Selected Issues”. But if you want to fix it one by one you can press “Fix Issue”. That’s it! You have safely and thoroughly cleaned your registry of old and unnecessary files.

Usefull Tools

Next, there is the icon labelled “Tools”. When you click the icon there will be 8 different tools on the screen.

Uninstall – The first one labelled “Uninstall” will remove any unwanted installed software. But here you can also Repair, Rename and Delete desired applications. If want a more advanced function you can use Revo Uninstaller or Total Uninstall.

Software Updater – Then you will see the “Software Updater” tool button. This will update your outdated software applications. (This feature is for PRO users.)

Startup – Are you always waiting for your computer to load up completely? The startup tool helps you remove the programs you are not wanting to load during startup. In the past users could manage this without such a tool when all startup files were located in the startup folder itself. In modern computer systems, their location can be very difficult to locate. Here CCleaner latest version comes in handy.

Then you will see the “Startup” tool button. This is your most valuable tool. It will allow you to see what programs are allowed to start when the computer boots up. You can enable/disable/delete any of the ones that you do not want to run on boot.

Duplicate Finder – It also detects any hidden duplicate files inside your PC’s local disk. Finally, clean them completely to get more storage capacity in your HDD. Besides that Windows will run a lot smoother than before. If want a more easy duplicate finder tool try Duplicate Media Finder.

System Restore – Finally, there is the “System Restore” button which is the same as the Windows restore. (Now in the latest version disabled this feature for system safety.)

Drive Wiper – Drive Wiper will securely erase the contents of your hard drives. Even helps to get free space using several algorithms. (Attention: In this way, your files become unrecoverable.)


Last, there is the CCleaner options button. You should leave this one alone if you are not experienced.


Here you will get a CCleaner pricing plan to get the full version. This full-version price is only $29.95 and a professional bundle of up to 3 PCs is $49.95. Premium Bundle with Driver Updater (up to 5 PCs) only $64.95.

If you do not worry, then purchase your desired software with a little bit of money and use it safely. But sometimes gives a profitable discount from this price. If you see the features above, you will be able to learn about the free and pro versions of this software. It allows you to compare the two.

Conclusion: As you can see, CCleaner is honestly one of the most useful tools out there for keeping your computer in top-notch condition. There is no need to pay for expensive programs such as Norton when you have a free utility that gets the job done just as good, if not better. I highly recommend this program to anyone for its amazing functionality and simplistic interface.

CCleaner Health Check CCleaner Custom Cleaner CCleaner Performance Optimizer CCleaner Driver Updater CCleaner Registry Cleaner CCleaner tools CCleaner options CCleaner upgrade

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