Cubase Pro Free Download for Windows 11/10/8/7 (64/32 bit)

Audio recording, editing and mixing software with music combination.

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About Cubase Pro

Cubase Pro 2024 for Windows and Mac is professional computer software for major music engineering and audio editing. It was created by Steinberg for music and MIDI recording, editing, and publication.

Hamburger Steinberg Company is the most popular music company that started designing software in 1989. Still, it has been working to improve the potential music wave. You can easily combine your music and make complete audio production.

The Cubase workspace is divided into several parts. The Inspector panel is on the left. Other important panels are on the right. The main Player is at the bottom. The main Cubase project on the centre. A Cubase project is the heart of your work. This is composed of several tracks called Channels. Each of these can contain several objects called Events.

Let’s start with the basic audio files called samples. These are rendered audio files ready to use, that can be played directly. You can import audio samples by clicking and dragging these on your workspace.

These are shown as Audio Events, contained inside a new track called Audio Track. If you need more Audio Tracks, just click on the plus button on top. The Audio Event is shown with its audio waveform. It is placed somewhere on the project timeline above, measured in Beats and Bars, which is the standard measurement unit used in audio production.

Editing, Mixing and Producing Music Files

This is a complete music mix and application for making modern music. So this software is becoming very popular in the world.

In fact, it is still supplied by a highly creative MIC console. The day-to-day work process has been simplified. No such program can be found now so there is no development of a mixing console. Because everything on the mixing console is editable.


Ready Templates

When you open Cubase Pro 2024 the Steinberg hub opens. You will show several ready templates to use. The default template and the Factory templates are available here. In this case, I recommend using the default template for beginners.

Adjust Audio

You can set your window size according to your desire and numerous activities. So that you can add a bit of your video, with resolution, layout, mixing, and frame rate, and add them to your mind.

Eventually, you can enjoy the video by making it in SD, HD, and even 4K and HDR formats according to your needs. But FL Studio and Camtasia Studio are also the best and easiest audio editing software.

Loop Audio

You can loop continuously a piece of your project by enabling the Transport Cycle button. It is very useful especially while trying modifications on a Channel or an Event. Just drag and drop a sample Event from an Audio Track or an audio file from your computer. Its sound waveform will be shown completely. This may be looped by using Loop Mode.

Fix Audio

Through the software, you can also fix the Tempo, measured in beats per minute. It regulates the playback speed of your project. You can click and drag from it to regulate it, or double-click on it to type it directly.

MIDI Events

It has several interesting features to work with MIDI Events, which are used to compose your own music from scratch, by defining notes and instruments to use. As instruments, you can use an external one, by connecting it with Cubase, or a digital synthesizer.

Edit Instrument

The way to edit and manage the Instrument Tracks is equal to what we have seen for Audio Tracks, including Strips and Inserts. You just have an additional button called Edit Instrument which is used to regulate the synch audio to use.

Sampler Control

Another amazing feature is the Sampler Control panel. This is used to compose MIDI Events that use an audio sample as an instrument. Through the plus button, add a new Sampler Track. This opens the Sampler Control automatically.

If you don’t like the sample file used for the Sampler Track MIDI, you can change it by selecting the Sampler Track. Open the Sampler Control, and drop another audio file on it.

Mix Audio

When your project has multiple tracks, it can be useful to balance their volume by using the Mix Console. By default, the EQ Position is enabled, showing the frequency spectrum of the Channel output in real-time. You can click on Gate to add a Noise Gate to reduce noise. On Comp to add Audio Compression or on Limit to add Limiters.

Add Audio Effect

Next to the Strips, you have the Inserts, which are special audio effects that may change your project’s sound. Click on one slot, and browse for your favorite effect to add it. Use the interface to fix the effect properties. Use Bypass Insert to disable or enable the effect. Select the Insert button to switch the effect with another.

You can also open the effect interface to adjust it. By default, these effects are applied after the Strip corrections. But you can choose to apply Insert effects first by using the button close to Strip.

Audio Filtering

Through the Channel Settings panel, you can apply several audio filters on your Channel, acting on the lowest, mid or highest audio frequencies, from left to right. You can use the knobs at the bottom, or click on the Equalizer directly.

Useful Hot Key

At this point, you can use Ctrl+N to create a new project and Ctr+O to open an existing project. CTRL+X to cut, Delete or Backspace to delete the event. CTRL+C to copy it, and CTRL+V to paste it. Ctrl+D to duplicate. If you make a mistake, remember to use CTRL+Z to fast undo. Press Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Shift+S to quickly save your project.

Preview Project

At the bottom, you have the main Player to playback your project content. This plays exactly what is under the vertical pointer that can be fixed by clicking on the timeline above.

To play its content you can’t use the main player, since this always references the main project. Here you can either use the Play or the Scrub tool. With the Play tool, you can play or preview a part of the Event waveform by clicking on it and holding onto it. With the Scrub tool, you have to click and drag on the left or right.

Fast Rendering

If you need to save it to edit and adjust it in the future, just go to File and then to Save As…. If you want to extract the final audio, you have to render it. Select with a violet Cycle region the part of the project to render.

Make sure that there are no Record or Monitor buttons enabled on the selected channel, and mute all the channels that you don’t want to render. Then go to File, Export, Audio Mix down… Select name, destination Path, and audio format under File Format.

Check all the audio settings at the bottom, and then go to Export.

Full Version Price

So to get the full benefit of this, you have to purchase the Professional edition. But of course, do not harm your PC using any illegal way. Its original license number price was only $579.99 without VAT.

If you do not worry, then purchase your desired software with a little bit of money and use it safely.

Pros and Cons

  • Creating and editing professional audio music
  • Modern words have been used to create modern music
  • It was created by the German Association
  • Creative automation tools
  • Direct offline processing
  • Upgraded 64-bit floating point precision
  • Drag and drop facility
  • Many slots to add effects
  • Can be zoomed in continuously
  • QuickTime and supporting more and varied codecs
  • Installation is a bit difficult
  • First-time setup is a hassle
  • The software cannot be used without activation even if it is a trial
  • To get a trial license you need to create an account on Steinberg
  • Doesn’t have as many features as FL Studio
  • Sometimes it takes a long time to render
  • No available for Linux
  • Its full version price seems high compared to other audio editing software

Free Offline Installer

FileOur offers the complete Cubase Pro offline installer free official download link. In a word, this program helps you maximize the link between your personal and professional musical instruments.

However, the Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 full version has brought the most interesting changes in 2024. Now it’s the latest version 13 available on an online marketplace or another offline source.

It has become very popular for any professional audio editor to create high-quality remixes. It’s a free trial version with full functionality. But it has all the limitations of a few days.

Important Note: While you want to install the video editing software, you need to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or latest version released 2024 on your Windows.

How to Install on Windows?

  1. To install this software you must first have two additional tools also. So download the following three packages.
    • Cubase Pro (Cubase_13.0.20_Installer_win64)
    • Steinberg Library Manager (Steinberg_Library_Manager_win64)
    • Steinberg Activation Manager (Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer_win)
  2. Go to the downloaded location
  3. All files are optimized in zip format. So right-click on the files separately and unzip the file through 7-Zip or WinRAR software.
  4. First, you must install Steinberg_Library_Manager_win64 and Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer_win tool
  5. Second, go to the “Cubase_13.0.20_Installer_win64” folder
  6. Double-click on “Setup.exe”
  7. Go to the following instructions and finish the installation.

How to Install on Mac?

  1. To install this software you must first have two additional tools also. So download the following three packages.
    • Cubase Pro (Cubase_13.0.20_Installer_mac.dmg)
    • Steinberg Library Manager (Steinberg_Library_Manager_mac.dmg)
    • Steinberg Activation Manager (Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer_mac.dmg)
  2. Go to the downloaded location
  3. First, you must install Steinberg_Library_Manager_mac.dmg and Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer_mac.dmg tool
  4. Second, double-click on the “Cubase_13.0.20_Installer_mac.dmg” installer
  5. Go to the following instructions and finish the installation.

System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirement

Supported Operating system

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Technical Details

Latest Version:Cubase Pro 13.0.20
Final Released:2/11/2023
Category:Audio Editor
File Size:646.19 MB


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