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Screen capturing and screen video recording program.

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Size: 8.48 MB
  • Latest Version: 10.5
  • License: Shareware
  • Final Released: 22/05/2024
  • Publisher: FastStone Soft.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • System Type: 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Setup File: FSCaptureSetup105.exe
  • Category: Screen Recorder
  • Uploaded: Publisher

About FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture helps to take screenshots and edit them later. Take screenshots at different angles as you want. It is worth noting the convenient function of quickly saving an image of the active Window. The user specifies the entire screen area or a selected area.

Game Recorder

In addition, to the above functionality, the FastStone Screen Capture can record what is happening in your gaming. So you can watch everything in one video file. If the user wishes, it will be possible to save this video. Finally, the images can be easily transferred to text editors or uploaded to the Internet.

Record Browsing

Even take screenshots of scrolling activity while browsing a web page or application. You will no longer need to take several screenshots to get a complete image of a web page. Taking a snapshot of the entire web page also makes things easier for web designers.

Image Viewer

The functionality of Faststone Screen Capture is very wide. You can not only edit the screenshot you took but also view files in the most common formats. For example, BMP, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF, GIF, JPEG and also the very popular PDF format. Most common formats provide more possibilities for working with images. So carry out the most common image operations without any problems.

Hotkey Facility

Also, for more experienced users, there is the possibility of hotkeys. The hotkey increases the speed of working with screenshots. Thanks to key combinations. Convert an ordinary screenshot to a beautiful photo that you won’t be ashamed to share.

Easy Interface

FastStone Capture interface is very convenient and casual. The easy interface allows an inexperienced PC user to take screenshots and edit them. It’s nice and easy to process active photos. Much better than the standard Windows PrintScreen button.



Open File in Editor  –

New To open FastStone image editing interface. Here edit and customize any images with many editing tools.
Open To open images such as BMP, GIF, GPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA AND TIFF formats.
Import from Clipboard Import the project from the clipboard.
Open last file location Open recently saved screenshot.
Exit To close the application completely.

Capture Active Windows – Take a screenshot of the application you are running.

Capture Windows/ Object – An application consists of different parts. Click on the selected part of the application with the mouse. You will get the screenshot.

Capture Rectangular Region – Use this tool to take a screenshot of the location marked by the mouse in parallel.

Capture Freehand Region – To take screenshots of places randomly marked by the mouse.
F1 key to hide/ show the windows…

Capture Full Screen – Use this tool to take a full screenshot of your screen.

Capture Scrolling Windows – Use it to take screenshots of any long content. Here you can take screenshot in two different ways.

Capture Fixed-Size Region – You can take a screenshot by fixing any size as per your requirement. Click on the tool and press F2 key to change the size.

Screen Recorder – Another important feature of this application is the screen video recorder. So select this tool to record your screen. A separate interface will appear on the bottom right side of the screen. Select the desired area from here.

At the bottom right side of the interface, you will find . From here you can change video/audio quality, and customize hotkeys.

If everything is OK, click the button and select recording area. Here are two additional options…

Well! You can check the if you want. Finally, click the to start your desired screen recording. Use F5 key to Zoom In/Out and Ctrl+F10 key to Pause/Resume as default keys. Click the Stop icon to end the recording and Save it to your computer.

Delay Before Screen – If you want to start the screenshot after some time, you can select the time from here.

Output Destination – After taking the screenshot, select what you want to customize within the tool or application.

Settings – Here are some more options to make screenshots easier. There’s even a Settings tab where you’ll find all the options to customize FastStone Capture.

FastStone Editor

It is also an image editing application. Here you can edit your screenshot or own image. After capturing your image you can edit or customize it with the best image editable tools. Include image resizing, cropping, applying watermarking, sharpening, edge effects and more. Just press a few buttons to rotate the image or change the color depth. Finally, save it in different image formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, PCX, TIFF, and PDF formats.

Explain menubar here…

File Capture Edit
Import from Clipboard
Save As
Save Selection As
Save All
Recent Files
Open Last File Location:
Send to Word
Send to Excel
Send to PowerPoint
Send to Web (FTP)
Capture Active Window
Capture Window/Object
Capture Rectangular Region
Capture Freehand Region
Capture Full Screen
Capture Scrolling Window
Capture Fixed-Size Region
Repeat Last Capture
Delay before Capture
Include Mouse Pointer
Copy to Clipboard
Auto Caption
Auto Edge/Watermark
Edit with External Editors
Select All
Select None
Set Selection Size
Invert Selection
Remove Strip/Insert Strip
Canvas Size Expand Canvas
Draw Text, Line..
Make Background Transparent


Colors Effects View
Adjust Colors
Adjust Lighting
Reduce Colors
Count Colors
Screen Color Picker
Grayscale (Black && White)
Oil Painting
Sharpen / Blur
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Actual Size (100%)
Fit to Window
Fit to Width
Zoom Selection


Tabs Tools Settings
Close This Tab
Close Other Tabs
Close Tabs to the Left
Close Tabs to the Right
Close All Tabs
Navigate to first/previews tab
Convert images to a PDF file
Join Images Side by Side
Change Skin


Edge/Wothermark Here you can add a drop shadow edge, border, Torn edge, fade edge and a custom watermark image.
Reflection Here you can rotate image, set the reflection size/ distance/ opacity, change the background color and add drop shadow.
Shapen/blur From here you can shape or blur the entire image
Spotlight To highlight the selected area of ​​the image and blur the rest of the area.
Blur To blur only the selected area of ​​the desired image.


Convert images to a PDF file You can save your screenshot on a PDF file. So click here and you will see a different interface. Set the PDF options or you can add a shadow or custom title here. Finally, click and save it on your computer.
Join Images Side by Side You can Join Images Side by Side to produce a single image file. Set sequential number, direction, file name, shadow, separation and new title. Finally, click .


It is a simple drawing application. Here you can draw anything on your screenshot or own image. On its right side is a decorative menubar, which I briefly discussed here.

fse-min Select Object fca min Select Canvas
fr min Rectangular Text Box fot min Oval Text Box
ft min To create multi-line text fs min To create a step button
fl min Draw a line ffl min Draw a Fancy Line
fp min Get a pencil to draw anything fe min Remove anything from your image
fll min Draw L-Line fpl min Draw Polyline
fra min Draw Rectangle ffra min Draw Filled Rectangle
fov min Draw Oval ffov min Draw Filled Oval
flh min Highlight specific line fh min Highlight any area
fco min Fill with color fmp min To add a mouse pointer and icon
fii min Add new image fm min Magnify specific area
fcan min Set image position fcl min Remove selected object
fu min To go back fre min To go forward
fz min To zoom the image fa min To get back the actual size
fzo min To zoom out the image fpr min Print the screenshot

Minimum System Requirement

FastStone Capture main interface screenshotFastStone Capture screen recorder screenshotFastStone Capture Image Editor screenshotFastStone Capture add watermark screenshotFastStone Capture hotkey screenshot

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