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Converts your voice to text in real time.

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About SpeechPulse

SpeechPulse is a voice recognition application for Windows 10/11 PCs and Apple silicon Macs. Unlike most other speech recognition apps, it runs completely offline using Whisper AI models.

It supports two modes of operation: live mode and file mode.

In live mode, SpeechPulse uses your computer’s microphone to record your voice and convert it to text in real-time. It can type into any desktop or web application, including text editors and web browsers.

In the file mode, SpeechPulse can transcribe audio and video files to generate text transcriptions. It can also generate SRT and VTT subtitles for your audio/video files with accurate timestamps.

The application supports speech recognition in 100 languages. All popular languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian are supported.

SpeechPulse Windows version can also use NVIDIA GPUs for faster transcription. The macOS version also uses the GPU on Apple silicon Macs to speed up the transcription process.

It supports both auto punctuation and manual punctuation. With auto punctuation, it automatically adds punctuation marks including commas, periods, question marks, and exclamation marks. With manual punctuation, you can dictate punctuation marks literally for ultimate control.

You can also control SpeechPulse with voice commands. For example, you can say “Go to sleep” to put the application to sleep and “Wake up” to wake up from sleep. You can also say “New line” to add a line break and “New paragraph” to start a new paragraph.

It also supports customizable hotkeys. For example, you can turn the microphone on/off or put the application to sleep using hotkeys.

It has two speech input modes. With automatic speech input, it automatically detects and transcribes your voice. With push-to-talk mode, you can press a key to trigger the recognition.

SpeechPulse also supports replacing the generated text using the Custom Mappings feature. For example, you can correct the spelling and capitalization of the text output using Custom Mappings. Custom Mappings also support regular expressions for wildcard replacements.

Thanks to Whisper AI models, SpeechPulse’s latest version can accurately recognize non-native accents. It is also resistant to moderate levels of background noise.

If you are in a noisy environment, you can create a Speech Profile on the application to filter out noisy audio. Speech Profiles can significantly reduce random text generation issues, making it possible to use SpeechPulse in a noisy environment.

The audio recorder also comes with a built-in text editor. You can open the editor using a hotkey or with the voice command “Open editor”. SpeechPulse editor also supports text formatting using voice commands.


multiple-languages_speechpulse_screenshot speechpulse_screenshot transcribe-audio-files_speechpulse_screenshot generate-subtitles_speechpulse_screenshot

Technical Details

Latest Version:3.5.3
Final Released:20/03/2024
Publisher:AV BEAM
Operating Systems:Windows 10 (version 1809 or later), Windows 11, macOS (Apple silicon), macOS 13+
System Type:64-bit
Language:English (US)
Setup File:speechpulse_setup_win64.exe
File Size: 462.37 MB

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