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A top-class VoIP call and voice chatting app.

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What is TeamSpeak Client?

TeamSpeak provides a top-class VoIP call and voice chat service. It is very easy to make voice calls from one country to another. It is a very old voice call app that is widely used all over the world.

This is software with very fast and advanced technology. It is used by millions of people around the world because its sound system is very advanced and can speak very quickly from one place to another. TeamSpeak Client 32 bit/ 64-bit is built with the best quality tools that support many types of programs. It has been at the forefront of success since its inception.

TeamSpeak has a lot of capabilities that offer a variety of benefits, including new codecs, automatic microphone systems and improved sound reduction. It also allows you to crystal-clear sound, and speak faster, getting a high-quality network system.

Features and Capabilities

  • The sound system of this software is very advanced quality and it can hear the sound very well. With this, you will not face any problems with the sound system to communicate. Because it is made with sound technology with advanced technology. Apart from this, it has an advanced 3D sound effect system.
  • Provides crystal-clear, lag-free communication with its integrated automatic microphone volume adjustment, echo cancellation and background noise reduction.
  • With this software, you will be able to communicate with many servers at once. Even with this you can manage multiple servers and participate in the server. It also supports many audio and output devices. Further, you can save your bookmarks to your web browser as desired.
  • It has fast access system tools, which will help you get things done faster. It is even structured with the best tools for better control of server administrators and effective execution of social networks.
  • Further, this software seeks to keep all your communications secure with a military-grade security system and confidential at all times. Because it is structured with awesome privacy.
  • It’s a lot more powerful option to find your friends. This is much more useful for finding the names and addresses of friends you have on your server.
  • In addition to using this software, you will be able to transfer files to friends quickly. This means that you can send various types of files to your friends through this software.

What’s new/ Version history/ Changelog in v3.6.0?


+ Plugin API increased to 26 as workaround for Qt update incompatibility.
+ Added option to automatically select channel chat tabs after connecting to a TeamSpeak Server.
+ Added support for OS dark mode stylesheet extensions (<style>_darkmode.qss). This also supports platform specific extensions (<style>_mac_darkmode.qss).


+ Improved overall compatibility with TeamSpeak Server version 5 and newer.
+ Tweaked icons based on user feedback.
+ myTeamSpeak sync now utilizes push service instead of polling periodically.
+ Certain Microsoft specific URL schemes will no longer considered to be valid
when using [URL] bbCode tags.
+ Additional Linux dependencies:

  • sudo apt install libxcb-xinerama0 libatomic1 pulseaudio fontconfig
  • libxcb-icccm4 libxcb-image0 libxcb-keysyms1 libxcb-render-util0
  • libxcb-xkb1 libxkbcommon-x11-0


– Disabled server list browser.
+ Fixed a crash on macOS versions 11.3 and newer.
+ Fixed an issue with duplicate names for cached badge icons.
+ Fixed an issue where channel groups were not shown in client context menus when an inherited group has been set.

Technical Details

Latest Version: TeamSpeak Client 3.6.0
Update Released: 14 Jun 2023
License: Free
Publisher: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
Main Category: Messenger
Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 | and Mac OS x86/ x64
32-bit Setup File: TeamSpeak3-Client-win32-bit
64-bit Setup File: TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-3.6.1.exe
Uploaded: Publisher and


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