Lightshot 2020 Free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

  • Easy Screen Capturing Tool With Browser Add-ons

    Screenshot refers to taking pictures of your computer screen.Lightshot logo, Lightshot 2020, Lightshot 2020 Free Download, Lightshot for Windows, Easy Screen Capturing Tool, Lightshot Screenshot Download For PC Sometimes we have to take Screen Shot on our computer. And if you are a blogger, then there is no talk. Good quality blogging cannot be imagined without a ScreenShot. That’s why you need a simple screenshot software. Even better if it is free. Lightshot 2020 is also a full free screen capture software. With which you can easily take a full screen or partial images of your PC.

    Skillbrains brought a version called Lightshot browser add-on to their screenshot software. This add-on can be installed on your Google Chrome browser, Opera browser, and Mozilla Firefox. Lightshot Chrome extensionsLightshot Firefox add-ons. It will add a new button to your browser. You can take a screenshot easily any part of the screen in your browser or just with that button. And save on your PC.

    Download Lightshot 2020 For Windows 10

    Lightshot Simple is an easy screenshot software. This can save pictures of a specific part of your desktop according to your needs. Together you can edit it directly like your mind. You can edit Screen Shot with pen, line, arrow, rectangle, marker or color. Even if you want to add the additional text you can add. You can upload the image directly to’s own server before saving it. You can also share your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and Pinterest.

    How To Use Lightshot Screenshot

    Lightshot software is very easy. It all functions also the full friendly. You can control it very easily by Hotkeys. You can also select Hotkeys according to your needs. How to use it according to the default functions, I have shared a few tips here.

    1. Press the ‘Print Screen’ on your keyboard to take a screenshot
    2. Select area of your computer screen
    3. Now edit it as your own choice
    4. At last press ‘Ctrl+S’ to save your screenshot by image format

    Save it to JPEG, PNG format. But you can print that image directly from you. While you can take a screenshot You will get the options tab Now select your option and finishing screen capturing.

    Lightshot Screenshot Download For PC offers the Lightshot download for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and of all Windows server like operating system 32bit and 64bit. So now direct download full version for PC. If you love using it, definitely share it among friends. It works as a free image editing program as well as capturing your desktop screen. So now free screen capture software download from the site and enjoy this.

    • Simple screenshot program
    • Free Image editing software
    • Easy and effective all configuration
    • Download and sharing facilities
    • The convenience of direct uploading
    • Automatically copy a link after uploading
    • Multiple language support
    • General Hotkey facility
    • Instant save of the fullscreen
    • Standard clean, flush and high-resolution image quality
    • Capture a cursor on a screenshot
    • Share screenshots via the Internet

  • License:Freeware
    Main Category:UtilitiesScreen Recorder
    Operating Systems:Windows 2000/95/98/Me/NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10 – OS 32bit/ 64bit

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Easy Screen Capturing Tool With Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser Add-ons

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