Norton Security

Most reliable security shield against virus, spywares and worms.

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  • Latest Version: 22.23.10
  • Final Released: 7/11/2023
  • Publisher: Symantec Corporation
  • Setup File: NS-ESD-
  • File Size: 229 MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • System Type: 64-bit & 32-bit
  • Language: English (US)
  • Category: Antivirus
  • Uploaded: Publisher

About Norton Security

Norton Security offline installer is an antivirus program developed by Symantec Corporation. This program is compatible with any Windows operating system. It is designed to provide protection from malware and to prevent software exploits at the point of entry.

It automatically traces and deletes spyware, viruses, malware and many other web threats. Once Norton detects viruses, these are completely removed from the system without interrupting the user.

The security software can be purchased as a standalone product or can be bought as part of Norton SystemWorks and Norton Internet Security. These two products provide users with more extensive protection for their computers, which includes monitoring for adware, spyware, and other security risks.

Symantec has done a great job when it comes to improving Norton Security for PC. This product provides users with more than just traditional protection.

Its civilian cyber intelligence network has made it even more powerful. Norton Security 2024 is one of the largest cybersecurity networks in the world. Under this network, your PC will be protected from all cyber threats.

We usually download various types of software, programs, documents, multimedia files and PDF files online regularly. This downloaded file may be dangerous for your PC. It immediately alerts you when suspicious files are detected on an online site. Often, even when the suspicious file is downloaded, this anti-phishing software automatically removes it.


PC Protection

Norton Security protects your PC against the latest viruses, worms, spyware, bots and all types of malicious threats. It prevents hackers from taking control of your PC. Proactively block new threats and detect and remove existing threats before they can harm your PC.

If a file with a virus cannot be repaired, the software will place it in a quarantine zone and will let the user know. Aside from that, Norton AntiVirus also tries to spot new worms and viruses by checking out their behaviour.

Web-shared file protection

The Security protects against infected Websites with “Internet Security” features. It gives you powerful, secure and fast online protection using minimum memory resources. Keeps your PC running at optimal speed. It also blocks virus-infected emails and instant messages from spreading so you can surf, chat and share files without worry.

Email Monitoring

Email and Instant Message Monitoring automatically scans emails and IMs for potentially dangerous attachments and links. Through the process, viruses are stopped from infecting the user’s computer or from spreading to others. So you can share files without exchanging viruses.

Intelligent Protection

The application identifies and scans only files and processes at risk for shorter scans and the fastest scan speeds in the industry. It allows you to spend more time using your PC and less time waiting for scans.

Real-time Protection

Norton provides up-to-the-minute protection every 5 to 15 minutes without slowing down your computer. This is the best feature of the security software. The features immediately identify the virus-infected e-mails and prevent entry of a data-corrupting virus into a PC.

Simple Installation

Norton offers extremely quick and simple installation and uses less memory than any other antivirus product on the market. Users just have to download full offline installer from the site. Double-click on the installer and it will automatically launch itself. The installation will go on and users can just accept the defaults set. When the installation is finished, the user will have to go online and acquire up-to-date virus definitions.

Low Resource

The program is highly intuitive and easy to operate. It works with minimum memory requirements. Utilizes so-called AI ‘Artificial Intelligence’ technology to increase the speed of the scanning process. However, it requires quite a lot of RAM. It is one of those resource-intensive programs.

Auto Set up

Once Norton Security is installed, it will pretty much take care of itself. Users don’t have to worry about configurations and settings anymore. Notifications will be sent to the user in case there’s something that needs to be done.

Silent Mode

When you’re watching movies or playing games on your PC in full-screen mode. Silent mode automatically puts on hold non-critical updates. Allows the users to select their own apps that will initiate Silent Mode.

Network Mapping

Network Mapping shows you all the devices connected to your home network so you can track intruder devices and steal bandwidth on your wireless network.

Automatic Update

Just press the “Live Update” feature. It automatically downloads software updates and new product features without interrupting you or slowing down your PC. Norton Live Update quickly update the following modules…


Graphs feature provides detailed information about what Norton Security latest version has done in the past month to protect you and your PC. Here you will get the number of installation applications, downloaded file, scan date and time, security alert and which file the alert came from.

How files and applications affect your PC’s performance to help ensure your PC’s optimal efficiency. Information about such files is also available here.

File Insight

Norton File Insight provides detailed information about files and applications on your PC. Where they came from and if they can be trusted before you use them. Reports also tell you how files and applications may be impacting your PC’s performance.

This feature saves a lot of time because scanning doesn’t need to be done as often when a file or application has already been deemed as a trusted one.

Reputation Service

It instantly checks when and where programs came from, to identify and block new malicious programs faster than ever. Norton’s Reputation Service also allows users to determine if their overall download behaviour is safe compared to the 58 million Norton Community Watch members today.

SONAR Technology

The application successfully deals with the SONAR technology. It protects us daily when we browse the Internet or check our e-mails. The technology analyzes files to see if they should be trusted (or not). Download Insight Protection checks the safety of downloads before you download them. It has also been equipped with an additional anti-spam module.

FREE 24×7 Support

Norton support team gives you free 24×7 customer support by phone, email, live chat or online during your subscription period.

Free Trial

It is one of the leading and most advanced anti-virus or anti-malware software. The speciality of this is that you will find this antivirus in two different versions from FileOur. Norton Security and Norton Antivirus. You can use any of its editions if you like. However, the characteristics of the two versions are the same.

In conclusion, its free version is only a trial edition for some days. So to get the full benefit of this, you have to purchase the full version. If you do not worry, then purchase your desired software with a little bit of money and use it safely.

The version presented here allows us to test the application for one day only.


Overall, the Norton Security software will protect you from just about any threat you could come across online without you really having to do anything. Installing the software is easy and once this is done, you will be protected against almost everything. This is a fantastic piece of software for such a small price. All in all, this program is one software that every computer owner should definitely get.

System Requirements

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