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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is a versatile antivirus utility. It is designed to protect your computer, Internet, Identity, and data against all types of malicious content. This application includes a set of Security tools that prevent the entry of worms, infected files, and spam scripts.

It protects your system against malware, viruses, spam, adware, trojans, and other hidden threats on the Internet.

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ZoneAlarm protects your PC by detecting any viruses, bots, and rootkits and removing them completely. But the biggest thing is to lock out hackers, save blocked access, and make your PC invisible when you go online.

The main section of the security software is arranged in three interfaces.

  1. Computer
  2. Internet
  3. Identity and data

Protect Hacker Activities

You can scan your entire computer by going to the computer section. Here you can see the deleted spyware and viruses. Even here you can observe all the hacker activities. These tools let you know if your PC is trying to attack a hacker.

From here you can monitor any unauthorized internet infections that try to destroy your PC. You can see if any suspicious software has been detected.

Internet Web Security

The ZoneAlarm Internet Option helps you block out your PC’s Outlook Express and Microsoft’s dangerous junk emails.  This allows you to control various parents and block other harmful sites.

Moreover, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2024 latest version protects your PC from various hackers and gives complete protection.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security scanner screenshot

Data Protection

Moreover, Identity and data go off the computer when you go to protect your computer offline and online. There are many times when there is a possibility of your identity being stolen. You can reset it and identify scans of different systems by selling a specific country for each of its tasks.

Easy to use

ZoneAlarm is the main reason why this software is designed for work; you can easily analyze the piles that you have downloaded. If there is any malicious file in it, you will get the message immediately.

This keeps your PC free from stealing your written passwords and other files. As well as deleting tracks from various online files.

Great Security

The ZoneAlarm software gives you greater security and a permanent solution. It monitors suspicious behaviour and monitors programs to stop new attacks that bypass traditional security.

This gives you many permanent solutions and more protection. It identifies a variety of suspicious behaviours and protects your PC from attack. It verifies all programs correctly to stop new attacks on your PC.


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 64-bit / 32-bit System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirement

Supported Operating System

Technical Details

Publisher:Zone Labs
Main Category:Antivirus
Setup File:zafwSetupWeb_158_211_19229.exe
File Size:5.66 MB

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