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Professional digital art software for Windows.

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  • Latest Version: 2023
  • License: Trial
  • Final Released: 31/01/2024
  • Publisher: Corel Corporation
  • Setup File: CorelPainter2023.exe
  • File Size: 2.67 MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • System Type: OS x64
  • Category: Drawing
  • Uploaded: Publisher

Professional digital art software for Windows. Free download Corel Painter latest version 2024 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (32-bit/64-bit).

Latest Version Overview

Corel Painter full version offers digital artists a variety of editing and drawing tools. The variety is so diverse that they will be spoiled with choices on what to use for their works.

The Painter’s highlights include its 30 brush mediums, Artists’ Oils, Liquid Ink Technology, Impasto Brushes, and Watercolor technology.

At a disadvantage with Painter are first-time graphic program users. It takes a certain amount of experience to really get the hang of the program’s tools.

Some may get frustrated with the small space of the dialogue boxes and sliders.

Painter Mixer Palette and Brush Creator Tool

Artists who need more colour flexibility will enjoy the mixer palette. More experienced users of the program will enjoy the Brush Creator Tool, which lets you customize brushes according to your taste.

You can see how effective your creations are with the scratchpad area. Thanks to the brush tracker palette, don’t slow down your work.

The tracker lets you see the past 24 brushes you’ve been using as you worked on your art. As you apply the brushes, you won’t have to worry about the mouse being too free as you paint on the digital canvas.

The snap-to-path painting lets you limit the brush stroke to a specific shape or path.

Perspective grids, vector-based drawing shapes & tools and Photoshop PSD support

More advanced artists will enjoy the perspective grids that let them work on three-dimensional images. Of course, don’t miss the vector-based drawing shapes and tools.

Past users of Photoshop won’t have a problem using PSD images and files. The layers from Photoshop are not compromised, maintaining the image’s layer masks, sets, and blend modes.

Artists used to the updated interface will not be too pleased with its look.

Pen users will definitely not go for Painter.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. The brush medium features range from coloured pencils, crayons, digital watercolor, erasers, liquid ink, pattern pens, pastels, palette knives, sponges, watercolour, to tinting.
  2. Traditional artists won’t have a problem adjusting since the paper texture on the software acts like real brush strokes. Update your mind by completely digitalizing the “old school” form of art, the Artists’.
  3. The oils feature lets the brush “absorb” blended colors and apply them to the canvas.
  4. There’s also the Watercolor technology that is close to an actual water colouring experience as it seems to stay wet as you pause between strokes.
  5. The Liquid Ink Technology provides a thick medium to apply surface texture and viscosity to your work.
  6. Enhancing the texture are the Impasto brushes using dimensional paint.
  7. Those who have used Painter latest version from its beginning to see the new 40 hard media variants. It organizes into several drawing and sketching categories.
  8. This organized feature makes keeping track of changes much easier.
  9. The mixer palette now allows for resizing and has more space for color swatches. The mixer has a more advanced design for color combinations. Users can also open up PNG files and fix them on the program.

Conclusion: Overall, Corel Painter 2024 offers a wide range of possibilities and pushes artistic creativity to the limit. A pressure-sensitive tablet is required to utilize Painter’s advanced features.


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