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An online and offline 3D maker for Windows & Mac PC.

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An online and offline 3D maker. Free download SketchUp latest version 2024 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (32-bit/64-bit) & Mac.

Professional 3D design software

SketchUp is a computer-aided design solution that helps users in 3D modelling and basic rendering activity. It is acquired from Google in 2012 by Trimble Inc.

It’s a professional 3d modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architecture, interior furniture, landscapes, video game design, and more purposes.

Professional but User Friendly

It’s easy to use, simple to draw, design, and get a quick result. This is a good solution for professionals, personal users, students, and other users.

Different Editions

3D modelling and designing is very popular and has a huge market today. SketchUp latest version offers some categories according to the user’s needs like SketchUp Free, Pro, Shop, Studio, etc. You can use it for free if you want to use it for personal purposes.

Online 3D Maker

In that case, you have to connect with the internet as it is a web-based program. But to get more facilities and use for an advanced activity you need to subscribe there.

The main facilities in the free version include a web-based 3D modeller, mobile model viewer, and 10GB cloud storage. But in the pro version, you will get some valuable facilities that help you to get the best output for your project.

Offline 3D Maker

The best features in SketchUp Pro for PC include desktop 3D modeller, 2D Design, Quick insights for design research, XR Headset Viewing, etc.

Overall, SketchUp 22 is a great 3D tool that helps designers, architects, builders, makers, and engineers to achieve their desired output using this program.

Different Landing Page

In the event that first sign in the product, it’s got a little bit of a different splash or landing page here.  It’s not actually that amount unique in relation to what we had in there before. You can see every one of the various formats and all the other things. This will begin showing your new records as you open it up.

Different Line and Layers

In the latest version, they’ve really appointed different layers or assigned different line types in the layers menu. They’ve also upgraded the tape measure tool. This is a nice upgrade.

Import and Export

It has a lot of improvements in the DWG import and export from an actual usage standpoint.

Built-in 3d Warehouse

The 3d warehouse has also added a bunch of different categories in here. So things like transportation or things like that to kind of better help sort all of the stuff inside the 3d warehouse. Here able to search for different things inside of those categories.

Energy Modeling

If you have the SketchUp studio license then you also get access to Saphira which is their energy modeling extension.

Support Multiple Languages

It comes in many different languages it supports Windows 10 and later always Mac OS.

Plans and Pricing

So to get going there are new plans and pricing for what you can buy with SketchUp full version.

Simply go to SketchUp plans and pricing page you can perceive how presently there are a couple of various alternatives here. There’s the free internet-based rendition which hasn’t actually changed.

There’s the paid version which is the internet-based rendition with some extra features and that one hasn’t changed too. I think this cost is the same as it was previously and afterwards there’s the pro version which is the desktop version. You can pay for the full version.

Attention: The following system files are required to install SketchUp 2024 for Windows. If they are not already installed on the target machine, you can manually download them from here.

Moreover, the SketchUp installer will try to install them automatically. You must be online to install these files.

  1. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

SketchUp 32-bit/ 64-bit System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirement

Supported Operating System

Publisher:Trimble Inc
Language:English (EN)
Main Category:Drawing


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