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A text editor, HTML editor, Java editor and PHP editor.

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EditPlus for Windows 11 is a powerful text editor. It can replace the traditional Windows Notepad on a basic editing task. Besides, it serves as an advanced programming editor with popular languages.

User Interface

The user interface looks intuitive with the functions on hand. The main window is divided into two panels.

  1. On the left is located the file browser to open the files (text files).
  2. The right shows the editing area. Here the document is displayed along with line numbers and syntax coloring.

It offers the ability to import extra language syntax. It enables users to extend their capabilities.

EditPlus main interface screenshot

Advanced Coding

EditPlus is a powerful Notepad replacement. This program enables quick editing on plain text files. Advanced coding functions are commonly used by programmers. I believe it looks like a Notepad++ alternative.

Expert Programming

Its expert programming environment comes with syntax highlighting and auto-complete. The option of importing syntax files expands its capabilities.

Quick Editing

Regular users will find it useful in most scenarios, including quick text editing or programming code.

EditPlus options screenshot

Features and Capabilities

Final Verdict

Finally, it is a compact software that can replace the standard Windows Notepad. The installation is a self-guided procedure, requiring minimal user actions. The deliverables include the needed components and default settings.

After installing it, the testing area evaluated the announced features. Now you can realize, this utility offers a wide range of abilities.

So we can recommend EditPlus as useful not only for web developers but also for average users who need a robust but simple editing tool.

Limitations: 30 days free trial

EditPlus 32-bit/ 64-bit System Requirement

Technical Details

Latest Version:EditPlus 5.7
Final Released:26/06/2023
Setup File:epp570_4352_64bit.exe
File Size:2.68 MB

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