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.NET Framework 4.8.1

A Free C#, F#, and Visual Basic Apps development.

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  • Latest Version: 4.8.1
  • License: Freeware
  • Final Released: 09/07/2022
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Setup File: ndp481-devpack-enu.exe
  • File Size: 85.26 MB
  • Category: Framework
  • Uploaded: Publisher

Why Use .NET Framework 4.8.1

The .NET Framework is one of the most popular software development platforms developed by Microsoft Corporation. It provides a comprehensive programming model, a large library of pre-built code and tools, and a runtime environment for creating and running applications on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The .NET Framework supports multiple programming languages, including C#, Visual Basic.NET, and F#. It enables developers to build a wide range of applications, such as web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, and services.

Features and Highlights

Common Language Runtime (CLR)

The CLR is the runtime environment that manages the execution of .NET applications. It provides services like memory management, exception handling, and security.

Base Class Library (BCL)

The BCL is a big collection of reusable classes, types, and APIs. Any developers can use BCL to build their applications. It includes classes for working with strings, files, networking, databases, and more.

Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

LINQ is a set of language extensions that allow developers to query and manipulate data from different sources, such as databases, XML, and collections, using a common syntax.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

WPF is a framework for building rich user interfaces for Windows desktop applications. It supports advanced graphics, animation, and data binding capabilities.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

WCF is a framework for creating distributed applications and services. It enables developers to build secure and interoperable communication between different systems and platforms.


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