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    EasyBCD is a good boot entry manager that allows you to modify the entries on your bootloader.EasyBCD Logo, easybcd bootable, EasyBCD ICON, EasyBCD free download NeoSmart Technologies has provided these utilities for free to everyone.
    I’ve been using it for a long time now and I thought I’d mention it to you because many of you are looking for something to manage Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 dual boot machine, or another operating system. With it, you can easily access boot configuration data and operate dual boot on your computer operating system.

    Easy Bootloader Tool

    This is a very easy utility to use and actually, it’s quite powerful as well. There are a couple of options here that allow you to tweak the boot entries of your bootloader. This is complete dual boot manager software.

    EasyBCD tutorial windows 10

    For example, if you have Windows 10 and Windows 8 both installed on different partitions right now. You wanted to modify the order in which they load for example on the boot menu instead of having Windows 8 is 1st and Windows 10 is 2nd or Windows 10 is 1st and Windows 8 is 2nd position. You can change that around by going in here and modifying those entries. So it’s very simple you’re just going to change settings which one is a default OS that you want to show.

    Windows boot manager

    When it first boots up and gives you the menu Windows 8 or Windows 10. So obviously you have to have Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed first and then after that, you install this utility and then you can modify the order and how much time the menu stays there.

    You know by default it’s 30 seconds.

    Can make it 15 seconds,

    You can even add more options to the boot menu as well,

    Can modify what it says on it,

    Ability to add additional entries as well.

    How to Use EasyBCD to Dual Boot

    So let’s go into add and remove entries here. For example, if you have a dual boot machine and you’ve got the Windows 10 bootloader. It shows you the two operating systems but you have all.
    So Linux installed but it’s hidden from view so Windows bootloader doesn’t know. You can actually use this utility to add another entry for a different operating system that you might have also installed and maybe you have a dual or triple boot whatever. It’s not on that menu.

    This utility allows you to add and point to Master Boot. Record the boot sector area on the drive where the operating system information is.
    If you’re looking into modifying your bootloader this definitely is the best program to do it.

    Download EasyBCD Free Full Version

    As well as all types of users can use it on the basis of efficiency. This program can create work through various sources such as network, USB, virtual hard drive, ISO image, and many more. It is also capable of setting the default boot loader, fixing the Windows bootloader, creating custom boot sequences, changing your boot drive, hiding the boot menu, and more.

    FileOur offers the completely EasyBCD free latest version for Windows all operating systems.

    • Boot from USB drives, ISO images, virtual disks, etc.
    • Windows, Linux, macOS boot manager
    • Able to boot anywhere
    • You can protect your PC from various disasters
    • Can be boot renamed, configured, removed and ordered without troubled
    • Clean up virus infections
    • Made on the basis of advanced technology complete equipment
    • Ability to work fast
    • Fix startup BSODs
    • Repair all boot errors

  • License:Free
    Publisher:NeoSmart Technologies
    Main Category:System, Utilities
    Operating Systems:Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

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