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Reduce video file size with just a few clicks.

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About Simple Video Compressor

Do you have large video files and would like to compress them and make their file size smaller while retaining quality? Then try Simple Video Compressor from 4dots Software. Which can compress video files enormously also with a right mouse click.

With the use of a Simple Video Compressor, you can save disk space and easily submit a large video via email or elsewhere.

It does have no input file size limits and accepts any video resolution as input.

Moreover, Simple Video Compressor supports inputting almost any video format.

It can do efficient batch processing and also supports command-line usage. This is useful for inclusion in batch scripts.

Another feature is, that it has convenient output presets.

You can import batch lists of video files to compress from Text Files, CSV Files and Excel Files.

One important feature is, that privacy is ensured because it is an offline video compressor and no data is being sent elsewhere.

You can keep the Creation Date, and Last Modification Date of the Video and also copy EXIF information from the source video.

Simple Video Compressor is user-friendly and very easy to use and it supports drag and drop. Reduce video file size with just a few clicks.

Moreover, it has an in-built player.

Finally, the application is multilingual and translated into more than 39 languages.

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Technical Details

Latest Version:Simple Video Compressor
Update Released:26 October 2022
Publisher:4dots Software
Main Category:Converter
Operating Systems:Windows 11/ Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7 | 32-bit 64-bit OS
Setup File:SimpleVideoCompressorSetup.exe
Package Size:57.71 MB


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