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Windows 11 21H2 64-bit ISO Direct Download (En x64.iso)

Easy way to officially download Windows 11 ISO image file.

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Windows 11 21H2 64-bit ISO free download from Microsoft official server without Windows 11 Installation Media. (Latest version 2024).

Latest Version Overview

Windows 11 is the latest Windows NT operating system from Microsoft that was last updated on 2024. It has been developed with many more features than Windows 10. This theme, start menu, widgets, and taskbar is major changes. I am very impressed.

It can only be installed on 64-bit/x64-based processors because windows 11 has completely removed 32-bit/ x86 CPU support.

Windows 11 21H2 64-bit Key Features

Built-In Antivirus

Windows 11 has the highest level of Windows security which gives the latest protection to your PC. It provides real-time protection. Antivirus will actively protect your device from the moment Windows starts. Windows Security scans for any type of malicious software, malware, viruses and security threats.

Even Windows Security gives you special features like firewall & network protection, App & browser control, account protection, and family control.

Special Widget

Windows 11 delivers a huge amount of widgets which is very useful for my real-time. In this case, your PC must be connected online.

The new widgets provide a personalized feed of news, weather, sports, traffic, stock market data and more. Even newer windows have a lot of offline widgets that you can try.

Download Windows 11 21H2 64-bit ISO file

Profile Check for Desktop

This feature adds time elements showing your activities in the last 30 days and takes on a task view. If you work in the office or browse AJ, it can save time.

However, it is mostly ready for use with UWP and Microsoft applications. One of them is, that if you are using Microsoft Launcher on your Android phone, you can see the activity from there as well.

Cloud Clipboard Done

A recent feature of Windows 11 is the Windows Clipboard which gives you the advantage of many previously copied items. Those are the ones that offer long-delayed access to all computing platforms.

You can access the copy item list using Ctrl+V instead of Windows Key+V. You turn on a new settings option Cloud Clipboard.

Currently, the history of the clipboard supports less than 1MB of plain text, HTML and images, according to Microsoft notes.

New Start Menu

Windows 11’s Start Menu has been redesigned with a new look. This aesthetic will make it much more flexible for the users. Especially I was shocked to see it myself. All the applications on your PC will be arranged in a row.

Windows 11 21H2 latest version free download

Take a Screenshot

Windows 11 has some new screenshot capabilities for the clipboard. You can use Snap Layouts by holding down the Windows Start menu button and the Print Screen button on your computer keyboard.

Now you can press Windows key Shift S to select a part of the clipboard that will be sent to the screen. Your selection can be a rectangle, a free shape or a full screen.

The latest Windows ability to take a screenshot that fits a window exactly on-screen. When you snap the screenshot, a panel will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen giving you the process of opening the image in the new application.

Includes Mobile Category Options

Its settings app includes a phone category option, which allows you to integrate your Android or iOS device with your PC. The application running on a PC allows any browser from iOS or Android.

It instantly opens a webpage on Windows 11 PC or creates a notification in the Action Center with the link. It provides much more integration using the iOS or Android version of the Edge browser.


But it is real that it is clearly designed and well implemented. You’ll see the work currently running at the top and even the timeline entries below it.

You can also search for your previous activities. Recently, Microsoft released a Chrome extension that adds activities to your Windows 11 timeline from the Google browser.

Windows 11 64-bit for PC

Strong Security and privacy

You can set up a local account without the need for another Microsoft account when setting up a Windows 11 account. Yet many critics have called on Microsoft to collect data using it by default.

So the company made clear the privacy choices in the setup. In addition, its privacy dashboard lets you view and manage any data stored directly in your Microsoft account.

Dynamic Lock

Its Dynamic Lock feature allows you to log off using Dynamic Lock based on the proximity of your Bluetooth-paired smartphone.

The surface switches to lock-screen mode with enough certainty even after it has moved too far.

This is a security feature since it only logs you in when you’re away, which means you don’t get close.

Windows 11 21H2 64-bit ISO Direct Download

Flash for Windows

It still blocks Edge Flash from running like Firefox unless you green-light by tapping the puzzle-piece icon. You can always choose to allow it to flash as well.

Windows settings site block

It has usable family settings such as site blocking are now effective for Windows, Xbox Series and mobile Microsoft applications.  You will get new gaming technologies inherited from Auto HDR and DirectStorage on compatible hardware.

Windows 11 21H2 2022 64_bit disk image

Install VPN Software

You can easily increase your privacy and security by installing VPN software if you want. It encrypts your data, even hiding your IP address from intruders. This prevents your own internet service provider from collecting browsing data on your profile.

Download Offline Installer

FileOur offers Windows 11 disk image download full setup file direct link. It’s a legal version. You can collect it directly from Microsoft’s official server without creating Windows 11 Installation Media Tool.

Windows 11 21H2 64-bit ISO System Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements to install Windows 11 on your PC or tablet.

Note: With the Windows 11 Compatibility Checker, you can easily check if this Windows can be installed on your PC.

Technical Details

Publisher:Microsoft Corp.
Main Category:Operating Systems
Setup File:Win11_English_x64v1.iso
File Size:5.18 GB

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