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  • Latest Version: 24.3.8975.0
  • License: Freeware
  • Final Released: 24/04/2024
  • Publisher: AVG Technologies
  • Setup File: avastclear.exe
  • File Size: 14.55 MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows
  • System Type: 64-bit & 32-bit
  • Category: Uninstallers
  • Uploaded: Publisher

AVG Antivirus Clear – avgclear.exe

AVG Antivirus Clear will completely remove any AVG software from your computer.

Sometimes a normal uninstaller does not remove your PC’s antivirus.

After uninstalling any software from your system, some registry keys, Installation files, settings files, temporary files and other data are not completely deleted. In that case, you have to face some problems to re-install the software of the same categories.

So these special utilities are designed to deeply remove all traces of AVG’s own products.

Download AVG Removal Tool latest version

AVG products that can be removed

AVG Uninstall Tool helps to uninstall all the following AVG products.

Free Download AVG Removal Tool 2024

Here FileOur offers AVG Removal Tool free for any kind of Windows operating system. It is being provided completely free of cost by AVG Technologie.

How to Remove AVG Completely From PC?

It is a very simple utility tool that any user can easily operate.

How to Remove AVG Completely From PC

1. Download avgclear.exe from FileOur.

2. Run AVG Antivirus Clear

2. It will give you a little warning here ‘It is recommended to run this tool from Windows Safe Mode. So press Yes.’ It’ll reboot a few times to remove AVG fully. Wait a few times your PC will restart in safe mode.

3. When you log back into your desktop it may ask you to run again. Just press Yes again. Now it searches all the different types of AVG processes services and anything in there.

4. Select the AVG Product you have installed.

AVG uninstaller for PC

5. Press Uninstall button.

Go through the process and it will fully remove AVG from your computer.

6. Finally, restart your computer.

Supported Operating system

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