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Way to download and share different kinds of file.

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Size: 4.41 MB
  • Latest Version: 0.70a
  • Final Released: 28/11/2023
  • Publisher: eMule Project
  • Setup File: eMule0.70a-Installer64.exe
  • Category: File Sharing
  • Uploaded: Github.com

eMule for Windows 11 is a file sharing program that allows users to download various files. The program came out in 2002 and was introduced by Merkur together with other developers. Today, it is one of the most popular Peer to peer file sharing programs.

The eMule project was developed with the help and with the camaraderie of different developers to make the project a success. This file sharing program allows you to download a wide variety of content from videos and music to software and documents. It has unique features and continues to improve up to this moment.


Free of Cost

No money involved. The fact that the user is not required to pay whether the program is upgraded or not. It will be on the top of the list. Unlike other downloading and uploading programs, eMule is free.

Auto Manage

Files are automatically checked for corruption while on download mode. You do not need to monitor the download process 24/7 because the program itself has the auto managing capability.


You can also easily download it in Windows or other OS. The program is very easy to install and operate. There is also a Polish version available.

People should start trying it out, especially with all the features it offers plus, it is free. It is easy to use unlike complicated programs such as BitTorrent and uTorrent. Even those who don’t know English will not have any problems with the program’s functions. The application’s looks is slightly old-fashioned but transparent.

eMule transfer screenshot 3


Searching and downloading are very intuitive. Simply connect to any of the available servers (from a list that you download from the Web) and use the “Search” tab to find the file that you need.

eMule servers screenshot


Files are viewable while being processed. Be able to categorize files in the order you want. If there are misplaced files, no need to worry because eMule provides a search option. However, It does not just provide a search engine but it also provides a customized search engine. You can easy filter the files and find a particular file.

eMule search screenshot 4


Thanks to the fact that the download is made with the contribution of every one of the network’s users. The transfer speed is quite fast. Additionally eMule incorporates file browser and gives access to the Kademlia network. A good option in case you have problems with the available servers.

eMule Kad screenshot 2


The program has also got some transfer limits for the files downloaded and sent. It facilitates the filtration of IP addresses and modification of the proxy settings. Data search is performed in separate tabs.


Program features is astounding. It has the ability to verify the files whether the file is in good shape or not that are currently being uploaded.

Free Chat

Add friends and chat while downloading. Those who want to participate in social communication may talk to other users connected to a given server.


File sharing can now easy done with eMule. With the consistent and constant updating done by developers, only improvements are visible. Discover it for yourself and be able to finally find and stick to a file sharing program. I believed that it provides fast and efficient work for clients.

Advantage and Disadvantage

  • Open-source P2P software
  • Compatible with major operating systems
  • Unique Features
  • High transfer rate
  • Possibility of pausing and resuming downloads
  • Efficient search engine
  • Remote control facility
  • Adware and Spyware free
  • Difficult to configure
  • Difficult to find a reliable servers’ list
  • Slow connection

eMule 32-bit/ 64-bit System Requirement

Supported Operating System

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