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Advanced BitTorrent, HTTP and FTP exchange software.

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  • Latest Version: 2.08
  • License: Free
  • Final Released: 31/05/2024
  • Publisher: BitComet Teams
  • Setup File: BitComet_2.08_setup.exe
  • File Size: 26.18 MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11/Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 7
  • System Type: 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Category: Download Managers, File Sharing
  • Uploaded: Publisher

About BitComet

BitComet offline installer is definitely more than a simple BitTorrent client. It is a flexible system with which you will be able to share files through the BitTorrent protocol. This application allows you to search for torrents on some of the most popular torrent sites. Finally, download various torrents quickly and easily.

For example, you spend the whole day looking for new movies to download. But you usually have problems with the torrent manager you are using. Here learn about the multiple benefits of one of the most popular programs in the world. Finally, download and use the latest version of the program called BitComet for Windows 11.

Definitely, this application offers plenty of features. But what about the download speed? The program is at the same level as some of the best torrent clients such as uTorrent, BitTorrent etc.


Friendly Interface

The main interface of the application definitely looks good. In the main window, you have available various statistics about the downloading torrents. Such as time left, upload rate, download rate, progress, size, seeds/peers, share etc.

At the right of the main window, you have available a section which is all about torrents. There are displays of all your download completed/downloading and active ones.

BitComet main interface screenshot

Classic Menu

Also at the top of the window beside the classic menu elements such as HTTP, Torrent, Magnet and Favorites. Here you can also get Start, Stop, Preview, OpenDir, Properties, Delete, Band App, Options and Exit buttons. There are all kinds of sections such as Movies, Music, Software and Games. By clicking on them you will redirected to those specific sites.

Advanced Menu

On the left side design an advanced menu panel. There are more tabs such as the following below…

Search Torrent

The program has included a built-in search bar. But what I don’t like is that the search results are displayed in the web browser that you are using. In the search bar, look for various videos, software applications and pictures.

Climbing down on the window there can be found a list with some of the most popular torrent sites. To enter those online locations all that you have to do is double click on one of the 14 available sites.

It also includes a list of the trackers (indexers) for this type of file. Can even organize the results according to the quality of the files.

BitComet option screenshot

Play Online Games

The torrent client also gives you the chance to play on the web various free online games. Just like in the case of torrent sites, you need to double-click on the available games.

File Location

BitComet allows you to set up the location where you want your files to download. This can be accomplished by entering the Tools and then the Options menu.

Here besides the download location, you also have available various setting options. Such as connection, tasks, integration, appearance, virus scan, service, and advanced.

BitComet add torrent screenshot

Fast P2P client

BitComet is a P2P client with which you can download and share any type of file. It will allow it to carry out other tasks without complications. It is extremely fast when it comes to the downloading speed.

It works with advanced download technology like a peer-to-peer connection. This means that the files are exchanged between users. When more users sign up for a download, there are more available points and the download speed automatically increases.


Sometimes it was the case that you were not sure of the download you were making. You could preview your downloads from the torrent client itself. You can also preview the files during the download, so you can be sure that you are downloading the right file. BitComet supports the file formats AVI, MOV, MP3, QT, RMVB and WMV for this purpose.

Download Multiple Files

Thanks to the DHT network. You can download files directly from BitTorrent without downloading the .torrent file first. From internet pages, it is possible to directly download videos, flash files or images. You can also download multiple files at the same time. You can put together the desired files in a download list.

BitComet Offline Installer screenshot

More Features

Other important features of BitComet are support for simultaneous downloads, download retry, transfer speed limits, queues, port mapping, communication between users, proxy treatment, cache of disk, IP filter, among others.


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