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An android ads blocker, system apps remover, apps backup etc.

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An android ads blocker, unwanted system apps remover, apps backup application. Free download Lucky Patcher APK File latest version 2024 for Android 4.0+.

What is Lucky Patcher?

The Lucky Patcher app is an android app that is designed to manipulate apps to be able to perform certain operations which a user deems important.

The Lucky Patcher app is necessary and relevant for most Android users who know what they want. The app will download custom patches in a silent manner without the app owner’s ability to track your actions.

It is also ideal for getting most in-app purchases for free and also hacking premium apps and games.

What are the benefits?

Removes License

The app removes license verifications from various apps and it also extracts the APK file for backup. It also removes Google ads and unlocks paid apps for easy installation on our devices.

Display Installed Apps

The Lucky Patcher APK app requires a rooted device to work promptly. After installing it gives you a list of all installed apps and what you can do with them.

Android compatibility

It is compatible with most Android devices and is easy to install. The app gives a different colour code that indicates the compatibility level of doing certain operations on your Android device.

Friendly User Interface

The app has an easy User Interface that can be used by anyone. This Great app will tell you if an app on your device is modified or if it’s the original version.

Android Security 

This goes a long way in resting assured about the security detail of a new app before installation. With the app, users will no longer have to worry about apps that come with locked features or license verification.

Why you should install Lucky Patcher?

  1. The app is already a success for many Android users.
  2. It comes with a variety of options and flexibility more than any other similar app in the market.
  3. Your rooted device will be safely able to mod most APK files on your device.
  4. The app allows a user to control most of the other apps installed on her Android phone.
  5. It allows a backup creation of other apps on your device.
  6. This is a great tool that can be used to uninstall the preinstalled apps on your device.
  7. Users of this app can apply a custom patch to apps with incompatible errors in Play Store making the apps compatible.
  8. Block or freeze apps that may be working abnormally in your background.

Key Features and Highlights

What’s new/ Version history/ Changelog in v10.9.1?

+ Added button “Select original apk” for option “Fake a modified APK archive from the original” to dialog “Re-sign with test signature”;
+ Fixed custom patch engine for “method name” patch;
+ Updated translations.

Technical Details

Latest Version:Lucky Patcher 10.9.1
Update Released:September 14, 2023
Main Category:Utilities
Operating Systems:Android 4.0+
File Size:10.10 MB


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