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Secure, fast, and free website unblocked software.

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  • Latest Version: 7.99
  • License: Free
  • Final Released: 28/11/2023
  • Publisher: Dynamic Internet Technology, Inc
  • Setup File: freegate799p.exe
  • File Size: 7.18 MB
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • System Type: 32 bit & 64 bit
  • Language: English (US)

About Freegate

Freegate helps to access unauthorized websites that are blocked by the governments of China, North Korea, Syria, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, etc.

In addition, it is a specialized software that is best for fighting censorship. I think this is the UltraSurf alternative proxy.

Moreover, it is a much faster Internet access software which has caused a lot of stir around the world.

It supports multiple languages and after opening, Freegate sets the interface language automatically to the default language on your computer. Currently, it supports only four languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and Farsi. For other languages, users can download an additional file.

You can also use Windows 32-bit and 64-bit tie software and anonymously browse any website. In conclusion, It helps to view blocked websites in any country.

Attention: Currently Freegate is temporarily out of service.

It can be run without any installation. Just run the file on PC and read a LICENSE AGREEMENT. Two buttons and will appear below. Click on ‘I agree’.

Now display Freegate Proxy Control. You can control it and click on OK. Now you will show the main interface.

First, you will find four buttons which will allow this application to operate completely.

Dynaweb_icon Turn OFF_icon Settings_icon Exit_icon
Dynaweb Turn OFF Settings Exit
To get to the publisher’s own homepage To turn its service on or off To customize all its features and services To close the application

It is very easy to customize, the following options are available…

When starting the application you can choose the desired interface such as Show Window Normally, Show Icon in System Tray and Hide Window & Icon. You can even run your service in two special modes.

Click on at the bottom. There is a facility to change the Proxy mode and Proxy port separately for the two modes.

It can automatically complete the proxy for maximum browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge Etc. Just set the browser to access the Internet through it After passing its proxy, you can easily access well-known overseas websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on.

  • Permanently free
  • Green and installation-free
  • Very simple to use
  • No register and no login
  • Powerful functions
  • Fast and stable proxy speed
  • Uses a high degree of encryption
  • Only US-based server
  • No kill switch
  • Cannot change country or the proxy server
  • If the connection is slow you cannot choose another IP


Q. Is the software permanently free?
Answer: It is free forever. The software is a public welfare software and will not be charged in the future. Therefore, as long as you have this software, you can access famous overseas websites such as Facebook for free for a long time.

Q. Is the software reliable?
Answer: Freegate has a large number of loyal users all over the world and is reliable. It does not have any backdoors. This is for sure. If you install domestic antivirus software, it may report viruses. It is recommended that you use international anti-virus software instead.

Q. Can Freegate be used on mobile phones?
Answer: Yes, this software has many versions. In addition to the computer version, there are also mobile versions that support multiple mobile phone systems, such as Android mobile version, Java mobile version, WM mobile version, etc.

Q. Can Freegate be shared with friends?
Answer: Yes, because this software is public welfare software, completely free. Anyone can share it with others.

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