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Download Maxthon Browser 7 Offline Installer 2023 (64/32-bit)

A unique internet browser for all platforms.

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Maxthon Browser 7 offline installer is a unique internet browser for all platforms. It was developed by Maxthon International Limited and Released in 2002. Now with the passage of time in 2024, it has gained a lot of popularity. It is currently used by about more than 7M users as the default browser.

Maxthon 7 was only available for Windows but was later released on other platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile. The company has a huge community of users throughout the world who constantly provide ideas and improvements to the product, making it, in a short time, a user-friendly product with the most demanded features.


Cloud Browser

Developers promote it as a cloud browser. But, this is not a new feature because currently, almost all the top web browsers support cloud data sync. If you create an online account you will be able to synchronize your Maxthon settings. You can also download files on the cloud.

Fast Browser

The product also features stability and performance not achieved by other similar browsers. In our tests, Maxthon Cloud Browser has proven to be superior in terms of access speed and page rendering. It is indeed a very fast web browser. The main reason is that it uses two rendering engines, WebKit and Trident.

This utility offers absolute support for many web languages and technologies, commonly used in new and old websites. Compatibility is undoubtedly a challenge for the majority of companies dedicated to web browser development.

Faxable Interface

You will have the facility to drag and drop any image, text and link from web pages. Also, you can send them wherever you want. Additionally, Maxthon Cloud Browser offers ease of use and interface functions that are not present in similar programs. For example, the function ‘undo’ lets you open a previously closed tab by error. This is a common mistake. This feature saves a lot of time and improves the user experience.

You will get the mouse gesture section. By this, you can control the browser’s different actions. You may get also different mouse movements. You will have a lot of key shortcuts through which you can perform different actions.

What I like is that at the bottom of the browser on the right side, you can quickly check out the browsing speed and also mute the sound of a certain web page. In the same section by entering the Zoom function, you are allowed to zoom in and out a web page and also set a specific size level for that page.

Zoom Field

The aspect which I want to mention is that in the Zoom field, you are provided the awesome Split Screen feature. Using this, you get the chance to split in half the browser and check out two windows side by side. This is certainly a great function when you want to compare two sites and also navigate in a much easier and faster way.

Take Screenshot

Another function, includes its snapshot capabilities to capture portions or even a full page, saving its contents as graphic images on disk. It’s an awesome feature of the browser. I like it. Many people can use this feature.

Privacy Protector

Other features are related to security while browsing through the Internet. It includes fully customizable privacy options. Maxthon Browser for Windows 11 has strong security that helps to surf the web safely. You can manually clean your browsing history. It can block viruses, pop-ups, spyware etc.


In addition, unlike others, it can open external programs directly from the browser. This is certainly an appreciated feature by professionals. For example, it is possible to associate a translator and press the ‘translate’ button the displayed page will be translated instantly, without leaving the current session.

RSS Reader

Another distinguishing feature is the ability to read RSS news directly from the browser. It avoids separate programs for such purposes.

Download Manager

It includes a handy download manager. This contains essential functions such as queue management, pause and resume and the ability to choose the destination folder for downloaded files.

I decided to test the browsing and download speed of Maxthon. I have to say that this is an extremely fast web browser.

The pages are opened almost instantly and on top of that the downloading speed is pretty good.

When you click to download something, a box is displayed on your screen and in this section you may establish the name of the file and also the location where the downloading process is to be saved.

Alternatives to Popular Browsers

It also has access to Windows Notepad, calculators, etc. using it. However, this is not an important feature. You can use this browser as an alternative to Chrome, Edge or Opera.

In conclusion, this browser having these advantages attracts users. So, try it to get the aforesaid facilities.

Pros and Cons

  • Nice looking user interface which is easy to use and customize
  • Allows to add up to 36 websites which can be accessed directly from the interface
  • Opens web pages almost instantly
  • Fast downloads
  • The software displays the browsing speed
  • Night Mode facility
  • built-in Ad Block Plus, Email Client, Password Manager
  • Various useful tools
  • You can easily remove the browsing history
  • Excellent configuring options
  • Tabs are not as flexible as other browsers
  • On-demand extensions are not available.
  • Not like a professional

System Requirements

Maxthon Browser 64-bit/32-bit Technical Details

Latest Version:Maxthon Browser
Update Released:January 30, 2023
Main Category:Browser
Supported Operating System:Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)
32-bit Setup File:maxthon_7.1.8.6001_x86.exe – 99.68 MB
64-bit Setup File:maxthon_7.1.8.6001_x64.exe – 105.65 MB
Type:Full Standalone Installer


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