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    Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 is a powerful video editing software.Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Elements 2020, Adobe Premiere Elements free download, Adobe Premiere Elements full version, Adobe Premiere Elements latest version This is a great solution for beginners and amateurs. It provides all the tools and templates you need for simple and intermediate video projects. Unlike Premiere Pro CC, this product does not require any subscription and is included inside the Adobe Elements bundle, which also offers Elements Organizer.

    To collect and manage your media

    Premiere Elements opens with its Home Screen page. Show information, tutorials, and also specific content with the Search bar on top. On the right, you find your recent projects and all the products inside Adobe Elements, such as Premiere Elements video editor.

    Premiere Elements comes with three main workspaces listed on top. You can use Quick and Expert to create videos with your own media files collected inside the project timeline below. In the Quick workspace, this is in Storyboard mode, whereas in the Expert one. This shows a professional environment with Video and Audio Tracks similar to Premiere Pro CC.

    The different Guided workspace collects basic and advanced corrections. You can apply to your media files by following guided steps. The Quick workspace shows two options.

    You will go with the first option. Trim any video clip or combines your media files and create your own video. See all the features inside Premiere Elements offline installer.

    Now go with the second option. At this point, browse for all your videos, images, and audio files. Import these into the main Quick workspace. This shows the main Preview above.

    Edit and adjust your photos

    The project timeline at the bottom has several editing tools and panels including an Organizer or home screen.

    Once media is imported you can realize your video by either using ready templates from the create button. The timeline uses a Storyboard view, where the final video is created by applying several media files (or clips) sequentially in time. This makes the video editing process very easy. But does not allow the media to overlap which is possible through the expert workspace.

    Visual clips show thumbnails and duration in seconds whereas. Audio files are shrunk at the bottom. With their filename, you can import other files by dragging and dropping these directly on the timeline.

    Use the Preview to check the timeline content where its red marker is placed in time. Click or drag above the clips to check the frames you want, or just use the player to playback in real-time.

    On the timeline, you can click and drag clips to move these in time and right-click on these to cut, copy, and paste. On the left use the Rotate button to rotate the selected clip by 90 degrees and Delete to remove it. You can use the Undo and the Redo buttons to go through the history of your action.

    If you make any mistake, click on the second clip to change its duration in time. You can use a simple slide bar in case of photos and use either Smart Trim or Time Stretch in case of videos.

    Fast Video Editor for PC

    With Smart Trim, you can adjust the video duration by selecting the parts to save with the blue regions your size on the new interface. Once you finish, you can come back to the main interface with continue editing…

    Use Time Stretch to set the duration by changing the speed rate. Take it above 100% to increase it and make the clip shorter or below 100% to extend it at a slower speed. The same preview can be used to edit the basic appearance of the clip selected from the timeline. Just click once on the preview to show a blue rectangle that you can use to move, scale and rotate the clip. You can also apply advanced corrections and effects by using the buttons on the right side.

    The first one opens the Adjustments panel, used to apply corrections on either the selected clip or the entire project by enabling the Entire Movie button on top. Use Smart Fix, Shake Reduction, and Auto Smart Tone to apply quick corrections on color, details, and tones automatically.

    On the other sections, from color to temperature and tint, you can customize the visual appearance by picking any ready template or using the sliders inside more. In this way, you can adjust the media colors with hue. Their intensity with Saturation and Vibrancy, the brightness, contrast, and exposure levels and also apply color filters to the clip.

    Next to each correction you can use the eye button to enable and disable it and check the differences.

    The second button opens the Tools panel with other advanced adjustments with dedicated interfaces. We are not going to see these. The panels inside the Edit section are dedicated to visual effects and transitions. From the Effects panel, you can choose the category above and drag and drop the interesting effect on any media to apply it.

    This effect gets listed inside the applied effects panel with its properties and options you can edit while checking its result on the preview.

    Besides the effect properties, you can use Motion to set the media placement, size, inclination, and Opacity to add any transparency. Next to each effect, you can use the eye button to enable and disable it. Reset button to reset its properties and Bind button to remove the effect if applied. Also in this case enable Entire Movie to manage the effects applied to the whole project.

    To create videos and beautiful slideshows!

    With Adobe Premiere Elements 64 bit you can also add transitions to introduce and end visual clips in time with special effects. To add simple cross-fade transitions just enable Fade In and Fade Out from the down arrow button placed on the clip.

    To apply other visual transitions you can drag and drop any from the Transitions panel, in between two media clips. You can click on it to change its duration, placement, and properties. From the Add section, you can import music samples and great text templates, such as Motion Titles and Classic Titles by dragging and dropping these on the timeline.

    Motion Titles are special text templates that include background, motion effects, and graphics, very good if used as intros or outros. Classic Titles are simple pieces of text under a transparent background which is rendered in black color. You can also add these pieces of text to other visual clips by clicking on their icon above. It can adjust the starting point and duration from the watch icon in Premiere Elements latest version.

    To correct the text properties, just select the text clip from the timeline and open the Adjustments panel. You can set the text appearance under Text and Style, the transitions to apply with animation, and add graphics or other pieces of text under Shapes.

    With this panel open, you can hold down the CTRL key to move, scale, and rotate the piece of text directly on the preview. To type in, just double-click on the text itself. Save your project in progress… Go to File and then to Save As.

    This will be saved in a file with content, options, and properties. You can reopen and edit at any time. If you want to export the video made, just go to Export & Share. Set the video name, destination folder, and video properties below.

    Use from the sections above, such as Quick Export to export as an .mp4 HD video. Select the audio or image to extract the audio part. Preview the current video frame that is finally displayed.

    Adobe Premiere Elements Full Version For PC

    Already the latest version of this best video editing software on the market is available for download. In other words, if you want alternative video editing program, you can download this particular software. Similarly, there is many more popular video editing software around the world such as Cubase Pro, EDIUS Pro, Filmora 9, AVS Video Editor, etc. This is used as an alternative to Adobe Premiere Elements for Mac or Windows.

    System requirements

    1. Platform: Microsoft Windows 10 (recommended versions 1809, 1903), Windows 8.1 and macOS
    2. Operating System: 64-bit versions only (32-bit not supported)
    3. Ram: At least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
    4. Processor: Intel Core i7 and 16 GB RAM required for XAVC-S (4K editing)‡
    5. Hard Disk: 61GB of free hard disk space
    6. Display: 1280 x 800 display resolution
    7. Extra application: Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10 compatible sound, display driver and Windows Media Player

    • Professional video editing software
    • Slideshows and creative collages maker
    • Create an amazing movie
    • Create dynamic video collages
    • Bounce-back GIFs creator
    • Enjoy Auto Creations made for you
    • Make incredible creations and effects
    • Import, edit, and share HEIF photo files
    • Drag and drop facility
    • Automated movie creation program
    • Huge amount of stylish titles, effects, transitions, and themes
    • Share on DVDs (Windows only) and HDTVs
    • Share on YouTube and Vimeo

  • License:Trial
    Main Category:Multimedia, Video Editing Software
    Operating Systems:Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (Only 64bit OS)

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