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Avid Media Composer 2022 Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Powerful video editing software.

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Latest Version Overview

It seems to cut all kinds of TV shows and films. It helps to compose the most powerful films like Star Wars, Force Awaken, Wonder Woman, Galaxy vol 2, etc.

Avid media composer 2022 is one of the oldest and most used video editing software in the world. The interface hasn’t changed all that much you know. It’s been improvements along the way. But this year brings a whole new feature more modern user interface. I think a lot of users are really like this.

There are some great speed improvements to the program which is good to see there’s a new kind of expandable window option.

Here you get the composer window which has got the two monitors via source monitor. One is the record monitor and another is the timeline monitor with their own controls. You can pick up in the source monitor different clips then skip through them and work out.

Avid Media Composer 2022 Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Non-linear Editing Program

You are limited to having 4 video tracks and 8 audio tracks in it. It will add two audio tracks for one video track to stereo. It helps editors, designers, creators, and add visual effects to work faster in AMD professional graphics processor. So this program is a Non-linear editing program.

So effectively it’s four tracks of audio and video you can use in it.

Traditional Video Editor

It’s a very traditional video editor. It works natively internally in a format called Avid DNxHD and rather like all the footage. So select a couple of Clips a couple of other QuickTime clips rather than linking them through to the package.

Free Download

The avid free version is certainly worthy of our attention. To direct download an Avid Media Composer first you need to go to this web page and click on the blue download button now for free.

You have to go through a four-step process to get the program from the official site. But you can easily download the Avid video editing software from in just one step. So the process is very simple.

Compare versions

If you want to try it out there’s a download link so you can either get the completely free version or you can upgrade your current version to Avid Media Composer full version Ultimate or Enterprise edition.


It is very similar to the paid version of the latest version. It’s not a trial version and it’s completely free for lifetime use. This Free version is the same interface but just get a few things in terms of limitations.


It’s good to see that Avid will run nice and smoothly using internal graphics. So if you want to load this software onto a typical laptop or many different types of PC you should work ok without having a full graphics card.

This is you know that the scratching through is very responsive. You can also OpenGL download.

Download Avid Media Composer for windows mac, Avid Media Composer screenshot

Key Features and Highlights

  • Best-in-class Trim tools, Smart Tools
  • Create sequence based on selection
  • Group Clips
  • 4-Way Split Display
  • Swap Banks
  • Previous/Next in Group
  • Group by Audio Waveforms
  • Limited core set
  • Source Side Motion Effects
  • TimeWarp
  • Stabilize
  • CC Effect and Predefined CC Effects
  • HSL Controls
  • Hue Offsets
  • Luma Range
  • Audio Tool/ Ducking/ Punch-in
  • Limited core set
  • Titler+
  • Limited User settings/ Project settings
  • Auto-launch Effects Editor
  • AVX and AAX plugins from the Avid Marketplace only

Avid Media Composer First limitation

It has some limitations. because it’s completely free of any users which are described below.

  • Maximum of 8 audio tracks
  • Maximum of 4 video tracks
  • Export in only Quicktime Movie H.264, DNxHD, PCM, WAV (Max 1080p at 59.94fps)
  • Graphics export limited to JPEG and TIFF image
  • Per project maximum of 5 bins support
  • Must be log in to Avid Application Manager before launch
  • Cannot open existing Media Composer projects
  • Cannot be opened first projects

Avid Media Composer 32-bit/ 64-bit System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirement

  • CPU: Intel i7
  • Hard disk: 5 GB free space
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM but recommended 16 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA or AMD GPU Driver

Supported Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Mac OS
  • Support 64-bit operating system
Publisher:Avid Technology
Main Category:Multimedia, Video Editing Software

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